All about Heromask

Children spend hours playing violent shooter-style video games. Heromask is a shooter modification to make it super motivating to start learning something that would otherwise be tedious and boring, or as a reward or reinforcement if you are already learning it. We have substituted violence for education and it is working!

Heromask is an educational game or toy from a still small and little-known Spanish company that, however, has already received multiple awards, appeared in various media such as El País or Televisión Española and trusted by well-known companies such as Editorial SM . Heromask is a pioneer in making educational video games that children like and, therefore, it is usually the choice of those who seek to make a different and surprising family gift, but that is also useful for the child. Check it out for yourself!


HEROMASK has been recognized with various awards that endorse it as one of the best educational inventions created. The key? Putting the child's motivation above everything else: A motivated child learns at lightning speed. Some of these awards are:

  • March 2018> Winners of the AJE Huelva award for the best entrepreneurial initiative.
  • May 2017National award for the project with the greatest growth potential in global markets, granted by the PwC foundation, the world’s largest professional services firm.
  • February 2017First prize of the 14 University Entrepreneurs Competition organized by the Industrial Organization School, Joly Group and IDEA Agency.
  • November 2016Winners of the II Call for Aid for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities FK-URJC- FU
  • June 2018> Second prize on National level of the program IMF Emprende by IMF International Business School.
  • December 2016Second prize in the third edition of the Entrepreneurship Awards ‘Ilumina tus Ideas’, organized by AUPA and Fundecor.
  • October 2016Second prize in the contest of the best entrepreneur project of atrÉBT! of the University of Cádiz
  • July 2017Second best innovative idea of Andalusia in the category “Models of Relationship with the End User” in the 8 × 8 contest of BBVA and the Joly Group.
  • November 2016Finalists in the Second Edition of SEK Lab, the first accelerator of Startups in Education in Spain.
  • June 2017Finalists of the Provincial Phase 4th edition Andalusia Emprende Awards in Huelva.
  • July 2017Finalists in the IX Innovative Business Ideas and Projects Competition of the Pablo de Olavide University.

You will be able to immerse yourself in an amazing virtual reality world where you will become a hero with the mission to save the galaxy. Start your virtual reality adventure in space with Heromask!


- "With the button you throw laser beams and thus you learn Languages"

As the children explain it, it is the best way we have found to explain it, although it also includes other languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese if you prefer the Heromask Languages pack. Or you can practice mental arithmetic, multiplications, addition, subtraction and division if you have decided on the Heromask Mathematics pack.

- "When the player puts on the 3D glasses he becomes a hero capable of learning any language that comes his way if necessary to save the galaxy"

We recommend it both as an educational resource and as a surprising family gift.


  • Compatible with iPhone and Android

Heromask virtual reality glasses are designed to work with the mobile phone we use every day. Verify that your terminal has an operating system higher than Android 4.4 or iPhone 5s (with iOS 11, 13 or 14), dimensions less than 16 x 8 cm and has a gyroscope sensor.

  • Fun for the whole family

Although the game is aimed at learning for children from 5 to 12 years old, it also entertains adults ... Especially and to our surprise grandparents! In addition, with its adjustable strap you can easily adapt them to your comfort.

  • Always updated

We are constantly developing new educational games to increase the variety and avoid the monotony of a single game. What is your favorite?


  • Neuroeducation: The emotions that action video games arouse make the brain store information more effectively.
  • Commitment: The game has been created by a former language teacher who has dedicated more than 3 years of hard work to create something super attractive for children.
  • Pedagogical: We start from a type of video game that we know interests and motivates children from 5 to 12 years old, isolates the difficulty, favors repetition, learns by exploration, autonomy, independence and freedom of choice (it does not need the adult to learn, that raises his self-esteem and motivates him).
  • Language immersion and discovery learning: It is the natural way to learn. Virtual reality also ensures that there are no distractions during the game.
  • Special Needs: It is also working with children with learning difficulties like dyslexia or hearing problems.


    • Interpupillary adjustment:

Valid for both the eyes of children and adults. Easily adjust the position of the lenses with the three wheels built into the viewfinder, to adapt them to your comfort and make you have a unique virtual reality experience!

  • Built-in mechanical button:

Heromask include a button at the bottom with which you can interact with great ease, without the need of any remote control or any battery.

  • Other uses:

You can also use the Heromask headset to play other virtual games or watch VR movies or videos.